Puzzle online games

This kind of online games is great for children with all ages as well as for adults.Puzzle expedition is a cool puzzle games where each level is a mystery.You start at point A and need to get to point B. Along the way you need to do X and Y, whilst avoiding Z. You control man M or woman W, or both. Jump over this and push along that. It’s all pretty standard.

If you like puzzlers, like I do, this one will keep you entertained for hours. But don’t expect any Wows from this. It ticks all the boxes above, but nothing more.

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Jeux gratuits

Jeux gratuits (in French) or free games (in English) mean the same thing:have fun playing online games.Here are few of games that I play every day,because I don;t need to download something or register.


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Arcade games

Do you like arcade games?These are on of my favorite because it’s easy to play and at the end of the game you can be on the top of high scores.

  Bubbles Town is a cool and funny game,with few very easy levels.After that you need a strategy to go to the next level and finish it.

Try Bubble Town or other great friv games for half hour and you will change your mood in a lazy weekend.

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